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If you don't know what does “Voiceroid” mean please click here.VOICEROID是什么?

Yuzuki Yukari (v1.5.0)

Yuzuki Yukari(VOICEROID2 version)

Tsurumaki Maki / Tamiyasu Tomoe

Voiceroid+ Ex (1.5.0)
Original Name: 民安ともえ

Tohoku Zunko

Voiceroid+ Ex
Original Name:東北ずん子

Free Version key:

Kizuna Akari

Voiceroid 2
Original name: 紲星あかり
www.ah-soft.com_images_products_voiceroid_akari_mainimage.jpg Download:
password: Cold

Haruno Sora

Voiceroid 2
Original Name: 桜乃そら


You can try all this software in the official page.

VOICEROID2 System Language Patch

With this, you can use the program in non-Japanese systems. Otherwise, it will crash when you press “Play.” This patch was made by Ulysses

Locate the VOICEROID2 installation directory. Back up the file with the same name as the file in the patch, and then replace the original file with the file inside the patch. Password:4854

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