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 +====== VOCALOID5 Editor Share Version ======
 +Crack By SliverFox:
 +https://​pan.baidu.com/​s/​1PqCq2GXlp9Ha5vjYuPjSzA 密码: hgyr
 +The orginal disk of VOCALOID Libraries(V3/​V4/​V5) is support directly.not need more.If you need POCALOID3/4 support you should switch the mode and load pocaloid libraries.\\
 +The VST support have bugs in the YAMAHA releases version(legal).The Language Dll havn't be found if it work as VST...\\
 +Scskarsper fixed it and sent the code to me,I compiled it,now.\\
 +unzip it to {app}\Editor\ and replaces VOCALOID5.exe/​dll the VSTi will worked\\
 +Another: he added mutilanguage support in it, somebody can translate GUI directly by TXT files on {app}\Editor\languages folder.\\
 +The patch could be download in 
 +链接: https://​pan.baidu.com/​s/​1Eu8jlzre88knSvjhL-V9DA 密码: n5e6\\
 +And the fully download had been updated to this version
 +<​WRAP ​ important 50%>
 +**Some Notice About VOCALOID5**\\ ​
 +**No Any Body is allowed to revise the package name of the product (VOCALOID5 E.S.V. or POCALOID5 Editor) without consent** and __**repackage it in his or her own package name**__, whether it is a translation or some others. It is broken the 0Day's Rule. **Unless you follow the package name.** If the **file algorithm and mark check** told us some body did it, the SliverFox will **publish the vampire list in accordance with the Rules and Record it to the mRIC blacklist.**\\ ​
 + </​WRAP>​
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