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VOCALOID4sound source

The following content is vocaloid4 sound library, Please install the editor before installing the sound library

Miku V4X


Miku V4x Japanese

Miku V4 English

Miku V4 Chinese

Miku Chinese sound library
Thanks to scskarsper and Alex vox scskarsper's version
original edition:
Noise reduction version2.2:
Patch for scskarsper
Pronunciation correction plug in:
Add the above link: password: intginvalid

Alexvox's version!ZN5nSIKL!dsChg3IgzrYO8BibkfNGLdiRNJnXBNipxrLYKsZWBoU

Updated version

Miku V4C official website of Chinese mainland

coldP's version(12.27.2019) Extraction code: 9yxq(The upgrade was made by coldp, and the first generation by Alex vox)


flower V4

Nekomura Iroha(猫村いろは)

SF-A2 Miki V4



This sound library needs VOCALOID 4 4.2.0 or above. Baidu Cloud aggregate

Japanese Hard+Hard EVEC

Japanese Soft+Soft EVEC

English Straight

English Soft

Yuzuki Yukari v4 (结月缘V4)

Kizuna Akari(紲星あかり)



Hiyama Kiyoteru V4

Kiyoteru V4 Rock

Kiyoteru V4 Natural

Yuki Kaai V4(歌爱ユキ)

Megpoid V4(GUMI)

Collection: password: yr86

MegpoidV4 Native

MegpoidV4 Power

MegpoidV4 Sweet

MegpoidV4 Whisper

MegpoidV4 Adult

Dex and Daina



Rana V4

Kagamine Rin&Len V4x

Kagamine Rin V4

Kagamine Len V4

Kagamine Rin V4 English

Kagamine Len V4 English


Fukase password:afoj!5BICRYKa!RpmvypUwgIb71APt_5HXbppv2GPahG-UGgns9RyVbs0

This source includes Japanese and English
Include job-plugin “Electronica-Tune”(Need Editor v.4.2.0/4.2.1)



Otomachi Una(音街ウナV4)


Tohoku Zunko V4(東北ずん子)


Macne Nana V4

Macne Nana Natural&Petit

Macne Nana English

Yumemi Nemu(夢眠ネム)

Tone Rion(兎眠りおんV4)



LUMi (ルミ) is an upcoming VOCALOID to be developed by Akatsuki Virtual Artists for the VOCALOID4 engine.
She is voiced by the Japanese voice actress Sayaka Ohara.
LUMi was introduced on May 19, 2017 and was confirmed to be developed by Akatsuki Virtual Artists (AVA).
She also has her own wbesite.You can go to her website to browse. 『LUMi』公式サイト!tQIxgAQA!3sqQhuJIidAZA5l2ay2_fyUIUNUiC8q5TxzF5U3mEiA

Yuezheng Longya(乐正龙牙)


Xingxuan Edition(For VOCALOID4FE/VOCALOID4,Built in official active version)
Voice complete package,4.11GB(Normal + Soft + breath sound):Link: password:zrd7
Voice package: Normal, 1.81gb (Normal + breath): link: password:fjkd
Voice separate package: Soft, single file high pressure version, 1.74gb ( Soft + breath): link: password:spe1

AlexVox 's edition(For VOCALOID4FE)

Yuezheng_Longya Normal
part 1 - part 2 - part 3 -!ldh1QQwQ!1nxZ20zN0tWoTrEwt1oRy1ueE3MZgijXjNsA_Hw63o0

Yuezheng_Longya Soft
part 1 - part 2 -!9UQChRZL!b-1V2QmMdbcPSR0LITde_BDJv-bscf5Lk6bO0EK0Z2M

Luo Tianyi(洛天依)V4

Luo Tianyi(洛天依)(Chinese)

Green version (7z format):
Link: password: 5eij
Support MacOSX/Windows,Vocaloid4/Vocaloid4FE Including sprouting voice, condensing voice and breathing voice。

Installation version (EXE format):
Link: password: uigb
(it is not clear whether the temporary repair package will be invalid) Support only Windows,Vocaloid4/Vocaloid4FE Including sprouting voice, condensing voice and breathing voice

Bleaching program (used to remove the prompt box under the legitimate editor): link: password: 4krz

Alexvox's Version

Miracle's Version
For Vocaloid4FE(just for Windows), so you can not use it with legal (normally activated) Vocaloid4.
The Rar file includes WAV_breaths,installed program(exe file).

Luo Tianyi(洛天依)(Japanese)

Xin Hua(心华)V4

China + Japan collection: links: password:1c40

Xin Hua(心华)V4(Chinese)

Xin Hua(心华)V4(Japanese)

Azuki & Matcha_V4


Masaoka Azuki

Kobayashi Matcha

Mirai Komachi(ミライ小町)

Zhiyu Moke(徵羽摩柯)

Mo Qingxisn(墨清弦)

Zhang Chuchu(章楚楚)

Some information about her.Click Me

Coming soon…

Yue Cheng(悦成)

some information about him.Click Me

Coming soon…

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