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 +====== VOCALOID3.Editor ​ -VOCALOID3 Free Editor======
 +<WRAP important 60%>
 +**About VOCALOID3 Free editor**\\ ​
 +Please do not refer the v3.0.4.1 editor, cracked version as V3AE, it is disrespectful for the writter.\\ ​
 +The reason for the intertwisting of these two names is because of some organizations'​ ulterior motivation--to override the original information with their own and to publish as the name of V3AE.\\ ​
 +The earliest abbreviation ,which is AE, came from the cracking group ASSiGN. However, the ASSiGN group was dismissed at the beginning of the year thus did not complete the cracking for the series after.\\ ​
 +The cracked version is made by an international friend. This writter has clearly stated the name--VOCALOID3 Free Editor--in the installing pack. :<wrap em>​VOCALOID3 Free Editor</​wrap>​ And the offical abbreviation is V3FE
 +**YAMAHA.VOCALOID3.Editor.v3.0.4.1(V3FE)**\\ ​
 +**http://​howfile.com/​file/​csf22/​a5dbaec0/​** \\ 
 +**http://​filemarkets.com/​file/​common/​318c3a32/​**\\ ​
 +**Vocaloid3 Free Editor v3.0.5.0 (V3FE)**\\ ​
 +**http://​115.com/​file/​e7kw3gp2**\\ ​
 +**http://​howfile.com/​file/​csf22/​fdfba6d5/​** \\ 
 +====== Language ======
 +All language file:\\ ​
 +====== 部分插件 ======
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