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 +======V3 Voice Library Volume download (including V2)======
 +2012-6-11 The editor and all DBs
 +**Thunder fast pass:**\\ http://​kuai.xunlei.com/​s/​Ah2ublxthZsGYWXkQt6kOA\\  ​
 +**Howfile:**\\ http://​howfile.com/​ls/​6b5fc7bb/​49caa1fc/ ​
 +**Description for this torrent:**
 +V2-vocaloids folder contains V2-libraries preactivated for V3, one installer for each voice (even for Appends): \\ 
 +more comfortable to download if you need to install certain library \\ 
 +much better compressed than AE-packs (overall about 9.7Gb versus 13,7Gb for AE-packs)\\ ​
 +installed folder have an appropriate singer-name\\ ​
 +V3-vocaloid folder contains new V3-libraries cracked by AlexVox at different times
 +SeeU (19.12.2011),​ Yuzuki (07.01.2012),​ Clara (10.01.2012),​ Bruno (11.01.2012),​ Mew (22.01.2012),​ Oliver (22.01.2012),​ IA (18.02.2012),​ Tone Rion (19.02.2012),​ Gumi V3 Extend (20.02.2012),​ CUL (20.02.2012),​ VY1V3 (20.02.2012),​ Aoki Lapis (14.04.2012)
 +Packages of SeeU , Mew, Tone Rion, IA, VY1V3, Aoki Lapis also contains wav-files for breaths, exVoice for Yuzuki provided as separate folder. Unfortunately,​ there are no wav-breaths for Bruno&​Clara. For all other libraries breaths enters as br1-br5 (like with V2-vocaloids)
 +V3-editor folder contains newest Vocaloid3 Free Editor ( at this moment)\\ ​
 +though, you can still use V3AE for ALL libraries in this torrent, but newest V3-editor is preferred
 +原安装包内包exVOICE扩充包的文件名有编码问题\\ ​
 +导致部分电脑下载后文件名显示会有问题\\ ​
 +所有移除了原安装包内的exVOICE扩充包文件\\ ​
 +改为了文件名为GBK编码的exVOICE扩充包 (I don't know how to translate this= =,please use Google :​http://​translate.google.com\\
 +**Thanks**\\ ​
 +[[http://​pan.baidu.com/​netdisk/​singlepublic?​fid=289014_2555516919|原种子文件]]\\ ​
 +[[contribution|特别感谢]] ​
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