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 +====== POCALOID2 ​ ======
 +Christmas gifts from 11 zone(Japan) peace-out group,All members in V2 。
 +POCALOID is the ultimate hacked VOCALOID system by TEAM peace-out. Even if the vocal synthesis technology is a revolution of the software, its installations and systems are far from perfect. POCALOID was hacked and optimized for creators, the best way to use VOCALOID technology.
 +<WRAP round important 60%>
 +**If you think P2 is quite different from V2,**
 +**So please download V2 instead**
 +===== Instructions =====
 +  - Manager
 +  - System
 +  - Library
 +===== Pay attention =====
 +(Thanks Sakura for offering)
 +If you can't run POCALOID2 Editor,Please install them in order:​manager、system and at least a library,then run manager,Click initialize voice database map,And Click Run POCALOID2 Singer Editor,Close it,run POCALOID2 editor again,the matter will be solved。when you install or uninstall a new library ,you have to do this……
 +Q:If I only install manager and system,can I use DB of miku,ruka?​ Or I must use DB for Pocaloid?​\\ ​
 +A:you can'​t,POCALOID2 is different from V2,So P2 can not use DBs of V2。\\ ​
 +=====  Manager ​ =====
 +**POCALOID2.Manager.v1.1.1-ASSiGN.rar**\\ ​
 +=====  System ​  ​===== ​
 +{{http://​old.vocalover.com/​user_up/​images/​system.png}}\\ ​
 +**POCALOID2.System.STANDALONE.VSTi.v2.1.2-ASSiGN**\\ ​
 +http://​u.115.com/​file/​f75c08fb26\\ ​
 +=====  Other  =====
 +Solution for installing Rin and CV01-DARK together (thanks yxmline)\\ ​
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