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Christmas gifts from 11 zone(Japan) peace-out group,All members in V2 。 POCALOID is the ultimate hacked VOCALOID system by TEAM peace-out. Even if the vocal synthesis technology is a revolution of the software, its installations and systems are far from perfect. POCALOID was hacked and optimized for creators, the best way to use VOCALOID technology.

If you think P2 is quite different from V2,

So please download V2 instead


  1. Manager
  2. System
  3. Library

Pay attention

(Thanks Sakura for offering)

If you can't run POCALOID2 Editor,Please install them in order:manager、system and at least a library,then run manager,Click initialize voice database map,And Click Run POCALOID2 Singer Editor,Close it,run POCALOID2 editor again,the matter will be solved。when you install or uninstall a new library ,you have to do this……

Q:If I only install manager and system,can I use DB of miku,ruka? Or I must use DB for Pocaloid?
A:you can't,POCALOID2 is different from V2,So P2 can not use DBs of V2。






Solution for installing Rin and CV01-DARK together (thanks yxmline)

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