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Vocaloid4 sound source

The following contents are vocaloid4 sound library Please install the editor before installing the sound library * * < / wrap > first

Miku V4X


Miku V4x Japanese

Miku V4 English

Miku V4 Chinese Chuyin future Chinese sound library
Thanks to scskarsper and Alex vox Scskarsper
Original version:
Noise reduction version 2.2:
Patch for scskarsper
Pronunciation correction plug in:
The above link supplement: < del > Password: intg < / del > invalid Alexvox's version!ZN5nSIKL!dsChg3IgzrYO8BibkfNGLdiRNJnXBNipxrLYKsZWBoU

Updated version

[[ (V4C) Chinese mainland official website] coldP's version(12.27.2019) Extraction code: 9yxq (the upgraded version is made by coldp, and the first generation version is made by Alex VOX)


flower V4

Nekomura iroha

SF-A2 Miki V4

Gackpoid_ v4

Luka v4x

This sound library needs VOCALOID 4 4.2.0 or above. Baidu Cloud Collection

Japanese Hard+Hard EVEC!ltUGhCiA!gn3QZ1 -_ WKLFWdN9SEPQUwJ-GueAE-KluXs3Yc8QbiU bHZmZXUEhRUzRnamM/view?usp=sharing

Japanese Soft+Soft EVEC

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